Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is UltraShot?

UltraSHOT is a "Good For You", advanced natural
energy supplement. It is scientifically formulated with ultra-potent
and ultra-pure healthy nutrients provided by nature to enhance
energy levels and increase stamina.

4 Power Blends all in One Shot to Wake up your Senses
  1. Energy Boost Blend*
    - Boost energy levels with proprietary blend of specialized vitamins and minerals

  2. Energy Antioxidant Berry Blend*
    - Phytonutrients defend against free radical cell damage*

  3. Energetic Focus & Vitality Blend*
    - Invigorate energy production and enhance sexual function with exotic herbals*

  4. Protein Endurance Blend*
    - Fuel stamina with the building blocks of protein*
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