Friday, January 02, 2009

More Eniva Vibe Testimonials!


“I considered disability and leaving the ministry because of the extreme physical and visual challenges of my neuromuscular condition. I was told, ‘Your life will never be what it was.’ VIBE and the other Eniva products I take helped provide my body the nutritional support it desperately needed. My health is better now than it ever has been. I now have Plans, Hope and a Future (Jer. 29:11), or as Jolene says, ‘My husband now dreams again!’”
— Pastor Don & Jolene W.,

All-American Triathlete. 13x Hawaii Ironman World Championship finisher. “My goal was to place again in my age group at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. This triathlon consisted of a 2.4 mile ocean swim, a 112 mile bike race, and finishing up with a 26.2 mile run–all in heat of 90+. The Eniva products allowed me to train and more importantly to recover. I am a 100% believer... It has helped to bring my training to a new level!”

“My entire family takes VIBE. We sleep better, we have more energy and my skin is healthier than it has ever been (which is quite a miracle)! I'm very grateful for the impact it has had for my son… his improved ability to focus and study has taken him from very dire grades to the B-honor roll. This product is absolutely amazing!”
— Mark C.,

Age 65. Married. Father of 6. Coronary Artery Champion. American Kennel Club Trainer. “After undergoing extensive medical treatments for my heart, I started on the Eniva products. They have given my body the energy and stamina to get strong again. I used to be forced to rest many times a day and never felt well. Now, I am back into my sport of training dogs three times a day and loving life again! Our dog, Hawkeye gets VIBE, too!”

“Since Eniva, the quality of my life has dramatically changed. People who know me can’t believe I am the same person after using VIBE. My body has been able to move past multiple significant challenges. I’m so grateful Eniva cares enough to educate people on how important it is to take the right nutritional supplements.”
– Lisa H., North Dakota
Field Leader

“Being in the health and fitness field for more than 30 years, we have tried just about every nutritional product ever created and there is absolutely nothing else out there that can even come close to the effectiveness of VIBE. It’s a product so powerful, it literally shares itself. The results are the difference.”
– Dr. Norm & Debra B.,
New Mexico

Eniva® is to the nutrition industry what Microsoft® was to the computer industry. We’re on the cutting edge of technology and we’re just getting started. Just like Microsoft, we’re leading a revolution. But it’s the values of the people that truly set our organization apart. I’ve never seen commitment and vision like this in our industry before–never.”
– Randy A., Tennessee
Field Leader

People’s lives have been literally transformed. I’ve seen these products deliver results that I’ve never observed anywhere else. Eniva truly IS the benchmark for liquid nutrient delivery technology. Eniva didn’t believe it when others said it couldn’t be done–they’re not only the PIONEER of liquid nutrition, they’re the LEADER.”
– Roger S., Indiana
Field Leader

“Several years after having my last child I realized I was still carrying a lot of extra weight and as a result, I wasn’t able to do some of the things I dreamed of doing with my children. I began taking VIBE® every day for my other health goals, and I soon realized my weight was dropping. This really motivated me, and I began to follow Eniva’s weight management tips. Since beginning, I have left behind 30 pounds. It is now two years later, and I still have the weight off! I love VIBE and so do my kids!”
— Jill L., Minnesota

Age 34. Mother of 4. Catering Business Owner. “I longed for the days when I could run and play with my kids... The energy, positive attitude, and activities I used to do just withered away as my muscle challenges increased. And, my catering business took a hit because I was forced to turn away jobs. I tried many different things, but hope was escaping me. Then came Eniva and VIBE. I am so thankful for the life changing support VIBE has given me—I’m back, and it feels great!”

“As much as I try, I know my kids just aren’t getting all the fruits and vegetables they need every day. I’d been searching for a great children’s multi for years. My kids hated the chalky tablets, and the gumballs and gummy chews are just sugary gimmicks, so I was delighted when Kid’s VIBE came along. My kids love the taste… and I feel good knowing they are getting the nutrition I can’t always provide.”
— M. Elizabeth B., Minnesota

"Since my wife and I were already taking several nutritional supplements prior to starting VIBE, we were not expecting to feel any difference. All I can say is WOW—we feel great! We no longer have to swallow handfuls of pills and tablets, which ends up saving us money, too!"
— Todd K.,

“I wanted to be a better role model for my kids, so I decided to enter a contest to lose weight. At the fitness center I received my first VIBELETTE, and I started to feel changes in my body right away. I continued taking VIBE and realized I had more energy with less of a craving for unhealthy foods. Overall, I felt like a new person–better than I had felt in quite a while! I cut my calories from 5000 to 1200-1400 a day. I had enough energy to work out every day, plus play hockey with my 3-year-old son, daily. I started losing weight the healthy way. My body felt VIBERGIZED!!! In the 8-week contest period, I had a final weight loss of 63 pounds! It was amazing, I lost 15 pounds my first week, then an average of 5-8 pounds. Thank you to ENIVA for giving me and millions of others the opportunity to live a healthy life, for giving me some of my confidence back and for helping me set and achieve my fitness goals I know I WILL achieve.”
— Conrad B., Minnesota

Ages: 41, 38, 5. Married. On the Go Outdoor Enthusiasts. You’ve heard the expression work hard, play hard...Well, VIBE gives us ‘the extra’ we need to feel energized daily! Half the time I am living out of a suitcase [Tom] while I travel across the country as a product development manager. Luann works full-time as an accountant and runs constantly with Kelly. The time we have together as a family is golden, so we head to the mountains whenever we can - and always remember the VIBE."

"With my daughter's wedding coming up, I knew I wanted to drop a few pounds. VIBE not only helped my body do the work in shedding the extra weight, but it also gave me the ability to easily handle all the stress of the wedding preparations. I couldn't believe it... in the first 3 days alone I was 10 pounds lighter! I got energized and motivated to keep going, and I lost a total of 31 pounds. At the reception, so many of my friends asked me how I had lost the weight - I couldn't have been more thrilled!"
- Stacy S.,

“It’s phenomenal, the amount of resources Eniva has put into the research and development of VIBE… the formulations… the raw materials… a CLASS 10,000 research facility… the manufacturing plant… all to produce the best nutritional supplement on the market today. Eniva is always pushing ahead a little farther, always going where others haven’t gone before.”
– Elden K., Michigan

Field Leader

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