Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Start Earning Commissions with Eniva!

To qualify to start earning commissions you must return a W9 Form & a signed application. Just click on the link for directions/and forms necessary.

Note: This is just a quick look at how to begin earning income. For the full overview of income levels and bonuses etc. just contact us.

How to Earn Commissions:
Earn "customer overrides" by simply purchasing 19BV worth of product during the month.

You can also earn up to 2 Levels of residual commissions when purchasing 49BV in the current month and having 1 Front Line Member who also has 49BV in the current month.

Level 1 Make 4% on total BV (Level 1 - Equals those you signed up)
Level 2 Make 10% on total BV (Those your Level 1 members sign up)

You can view the current Eniva Price List to see the BV values of different products.

Note: Customer Override is the 20% you make every time someone you enrolled purchases as a preferred customer, the $75 override you make every time someone you enrolled purchases the Silver Pack, the $200 you make every time someone you enrolled purchases the Gold Pack, the $50 you make every time someone you enrolled purchases a PVP Pack or the $30 you make when they upgrade to the PVP Pack, or the (1 time) $25 override you make when someone you enroll purchases the wholesale club.

It could also refer to the $20 or $50 overrides you make when your front line team member sells a Silver pack or Gold pack respectfully.

Become a Manager
One way to become a Manager is by purchasing the Wholesale Club! This entitles you to earn a 20% discount on all products for life! You'll also be able to earn 4 levels of commissions.

Level 1 - 4%
Level 2 - 10%
Level 3 - 9%
Level 4 - 9%

A Manager can increase their Level 1 commissions from 4% to 10% or even 20%

Here's How:
Purchase a (Premier Value Pack) PVP Pack or Upgrade to a PVP Pack - And your Level 1 commissions go from 4% to 10%. You'll never have to purchase the PVP again! That is unless you want to!
Click on link and scroll down for Premier Value Pack:

Then have 2,500 Sales Volume on your 1st Level and you'll receive 20% commissions on that level.

Note: All Commissions are currently based on BV (Bonus Volume) - But that should change soon - Then Sales Volume will be used.

Of Course it only gets better from there...increasing your ranking, more levels of pay, various bonuses (including car bonuses)and much more. But this give you an idea of how to get started.
For more information just give us a call: Darlene or Doug 502-363-0101