Friday, June 12, 2009

Eniva Vibe Kids! Great Tasting-Liquid Nutrition for Children!

Are your kids getting proper nutrition? Do they often eat on the run or at fast food restaurants? Are they picky eaters? The truth is, even if they eat healthy most likely they are not getting the nutrition they need to keep up with the demands their growing bodies require. Supplementation may be necessary and although there are many option out there, most have binders, fillers, and toxic ingredients like Aspartame. However you can give your kids a great tasting liquid vitamin/mineral supplement and be assured that they are getting the best on the market today. That product is Eniva’s Vibe Kids.

Eniva VIBE Kids contains essential nutrients, fruit and vegetable components, amino acids, glyconutrients and specialized natural ingredients. This VIBE® Kids liquid formula promotes enhanced absorption to support healthy growth and development for kids.*

Children (4-18 yrs):
1 ounce daily. Recommended to not exceed 2 ounces daily.

Pregnant/Lactating Women: Contact your doctor before use. Recommended to not exceed 2 ounces daily.

  • Shake well before using.
  • Ingest half dose in AM hours and the other half in PM hours.
  • May combine dose with 8 ounces of water/juice.
  • Due to natural contents, product should be consumed within 40 days after opening.

Storage Directions: It is normal and expected with natural extracts and ingredients that some settling may occur. Keep refrigerated upon receipt and after opening. Avoid freezing and heat.

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robert said...

Eniva Vibe is really good for kids. My kid also drink it. He like its taste. It has good taste thats why it is so popular among kids.

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