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Arthritis! Foods Not To Eat!

This article was written by a friend of ours who cured her arthritis and wrote a book about it. If you would like to get her book or reports please contact Darlene or Doug directly at 502-363-0101
This is going to open a new world to you. You will be making some food changes and it will change your pain level. When you follow the program as I did you should get pain relief within weeks, or less.

Here is a short version of what you should and should not eat. Since everyone is different you may want to refer to my book to see exactly what it is you are eating that is causing you so much pain.

For most arthritics the things I am asking you to give up, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD are:

Salt: Just no salt.

Coffee: More than one cup is not good for you. Decaf is much, much worse and you should NOT drink anything that says decaf on it. More than 4 cups a day of coffee and the rate for heart attacks in men increases to 50%. I don't know for women but I suspect it is close to that.

Soda/Pop: No sodas, anything that says diet, sugar free, or decaffeinated or Lite.

Flour: You should not eat flour of any kind. Please give it up for at least 3 weeks and see how you feel. If you then want to add it back into your diet use the method described in the book. Please stop eating all white flour. It s KILLING YOU.
For the free report "Why while flour is an abomination and is killing you".

No Sugar Of Any Kind: You can have a wee amount of real honey that is unprocessed and raw. If it is not unprocessed, do not buy it. The best source is the health food store or local beekeeper. Look for him in the yellow pages. If you absolutely have to have a sweetener use Steva. ALL others are VERY BAD for you. Some have been known to cause cancer.

No Dairy Products: Cheese, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, etc. You CAN have Real Butter and Real Cream. They will should not hurt you.


Tea: You can have herbal teas, and green teas.

Meats: At least 70 grams of meat protein a day. Chicken, fish, pork, turkey, seafood, tuna, salmon etc.

Eggs: They really are a perfect food. After all they have all it takes to make a chicken!

Vegetables: You will test vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes (most people with arthritis can not tolerate those two vegetables) Green and orange vegetables are marvelous. Try to introduce a new one from the market every time you go. Try vegetables from other countries. Onions and garlic and all seasonings are fine. Just no salt. You can get salt-free seasonings at a health food market.

Fruits: They are touchy. I ask you to do the fruit fast, but if the first day you find the pains are greater than you simple cannot tolerate fruits that are mostly sugar. Here are good fruits. Grapefruit, kiwis, berries, but not strawberries. You can have them fresh or frozen or canned. Just read the label and make sure no sugar is added.

Do not eat: Bananas, peaches, oranges, pineapple, pears, and melons of any kind,or any fruit that is sweet. At least not until your pain is better or gone and then follow my book on introducing new foods.

Drink: 8 glasses of water with the lemon to taste. Keep reminding yourself, "You have a degenerative disease and since degenerative diseases are caused by our eating habits, our way of life and the air we breathe, we can make changes to restore our immune system." Our immune system will heal us when we feed it properly. Your health, good or bad, is in your hands.

I am here to help YOU to help yourself to a pain free and healthy life style.

Best of Health,

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