Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eniva Vibe Testimonials by Medical Professionals!

What Doctors Say...

Brent Agin, MD
Author: Healthy Aging for Dummies
"Eniva’s industry leading VIBE is by far the best nutraceutical formulation that I have come across. In my professional opinion, it has the most complete nutritional formulation with great absorption due to Eniva’s state of the art manufacturing process. With confidence, I recommend VIBE to all of my patients, and I never miss my daily shot of VIBE!"

Dr. Benjamin Baechler, MD
Eniva Vice Chairman, Chief Scientific Officer
Formulator of VIBE and Eniva's Extensive Nutraceutical Product Line"
At Eniva, it is my privilege to be a part of helping people lead healthy lives. I’m passionate about integrative nutrition and the role it can play in helping people reach their wellness goals. The Eniva VIBE nutraceuticals represent a significant advancement in specialized nutritional support. Their nutritive components, broad antioxidant capacity and support of the cardiovascular system are outstanding."

Ray C. Wunderlich Jr. MD, PhD
"At the Wunderlich Natural Healing Center, we have great results in advancing Health through the use of the Eniva products! Eniva’s unique formulations provide a high success rate without complications."

Gunn Agell, PhD
"After 25 years of constant research in holistic health, I have never seen a product (VIBE) produce such dramatic results."

Maria Nualart, M.D.
"I have patients who’ve had challenging health conditions for years that have recently seen significant benefits from VIBE and other Eniva nutraceuticals. They feel much healthier and have a measurably better quality of life."

Ricardo Ramos, M.D.
"I have used Eniva products with my patients and in my own family. In my practice we have experienced positive results using Eniva nutraceuticals. We’ve seen noticeable improvement in individuals using VIBE, as well as numerous other Eniva products."

James Said, DC
"In my opinion, VIBE is unparalleled in the nutritional world."

Thomas C. Oliver, DC
"I have recommended VIBE to many of my patients with wonderful results. The more I learn about the research behind this product and the recognition it has received for excellence, the more confidence I have in recommending it to those I serve."

Ricardo Garcia Pelayo, M.D. “As a health professional, i am convinced Eniva products have been the most important tool in my medical practice to assist family, friends and patients in receiving comprehensive nutrition. Even without VIBE being a medication, it has helped patients achive great assistance with specific health challenges. It is with great confidence I recommend Eniva Products.”

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